Expert for Bricks & Roof Tiles

Kevin Tolson

Commercial Director


Kevin Tolson is the Commercial Director of Wienerberger, the UK’s leading provider of building material solutions, in 2018. He follows in the footsteps of Keith Barker, the company’s previous Commercial Director and current Managing Director.

Kevin joined Wienerberger in February 2018, bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge covering everything from marketing and sales to customer service and strategy development. He has worked for some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of consumer durables and building products, both in the UK and overseas. Boasting a degree in Economics and an MBA specialising in Strategic Management.


Wienerberger offers UK customers one of the broadest product portfolios in the business, including clay facing bricks (stock and wire-cut), specialist engineering bricks, the Porotherm clay block system, façade solutions including SVK fibre cement panels, the Corium cladding system and a wide range of brick slips. We also offer a full range of Sandtoft and Koramic clay, concrete and slate roofing products, Keymer handmade roof tiles, bespoke heritage products and a range of domestic and commercial pavers.

We are about more than just our products, it is also the ‘extras’ that we provide that makes us different. Our commitment to service and ensuring that our customers find it easy to do business with us is what differentiates us from the rest of the industry. We provide full technical support for all our products, CPD sessions for architects, product training, bespoke products and merchant services. As well as an in-house Design Services team to assist with projects, we also have an array of online tools designed to help with specification.


Twitter: @wienerbergeruk


Wienerberger Comment: Q4 2020

Kevin Tolson, Commercial Director Wienerberger UK is BMBI’s Expert for Bricks & Roof Tiles.

The end of 2020 saw continued high demand for brick and tile products across the market, resulting in a strong finish in Q4 to round off a COVID-impacted year.

Brexit also kept us busy. We took the best mitigating actions we could against the potential risks, whether moving shipments away from vulnerable routes, increasing inventory of machinery parts for repairs and maintenance, or establishing trading accounts with the Customs Declaration Service. It was a phenomenal effort from an already stretched supply chain to prepare for what felt like ‘the unknown’.

The outlook is still uncertain. We await the results of the full year impact of the Stamp Duty Holiday, however since its introduction in July 2020, the UK property market has risen. Provisional data available at the time of writing shows almost 130,000 property sales went through in December 2020, up 32% year-on-year.

In Q3, according to the ONS, housing starts were up 111% and dwellings completed up 185% on Q2 when lockdown restrictions were much tighter. We await more recent figures, but indicators suggest it was a positive finish against both these metrics.

The attraction of ‘improve not move’ continues too. As the nation faces up to a potential second summer of cancelled holidays, this shows no sign of abating and we expect the demand for RMI projects to continue.

There are further spots of optimism ahead too, as we look to the Government’s response to consultations for the new proposed Part L and Part F Building Regulations on New Dwellings. The Government’s roadmap continues, focusing on energy efficiency, carbon reduction and future proofing new homes, with a drive to ensure net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Although the roadmap is behind schedule there is now a clear path forward.

Following the consultation process, the cornerstone of the new Part L 2021 will be a fabric-first approach forming the transition into the Future Homes Standard. This provides excellent opportunities for manufacturers of construction products to optimise their role in the provision of fabric and materials to contribute to the targets. The next area to target will then be improvements to existing homes.