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Lynn Street

Sales & Marketing Manager


Lynn Street

Lynn has been involved within the roofing and construction sector for more than 20 years and has worked with a number of leading roofing brands throughout her career. Her time-served knowledge and passion for the sector has seen her drive a number of initiatives over the years.

Lynn is a director for the initiative Women in Roofing and works with a number of industry bodies to continue to influence positive change in the roofing and construction sector. Wherever she can, Lynn champions inclusion and opportunities for all to help create a sustainable and diverse future for the industry.

Since joining Midland Lead in 2018, Lynn has also been a driving force behind an initiative to promote future skills and diversity to help bridge the increasing skills gap that roofing and construction faces. She has led a team at Midland Lead that has established connections with a number of colleges and apprenticeship schemes in the UK. Together with the support of customers and suppliers, Lynn hopes to continue to promote the benefits and sustainability of working within the roofing sector.

Being customer service focussed, Lynn advocates the core values of Midland Lead, which centre around the customer and team.

Midland Lead

Midland Lead is the only independent UK lead manufacturer to offer BBA approved machine cast lead, sandcast lead and BS Standard rolled lead. Founded in 1983, our quality-approved products are used in roofing projects all over the world. With a strong manufacturing heritage, we supply a diverse range of quality-approved lead products using 100% recycled lead.

Midland Lead – Quick Facts:

  • The only independent UK-based lead manufacturer that provides BBA and NHBC approved machine cast lead sheet
  • £30m+ turnover and 17,000+ tonnes of quality approved lead products manufactured per year
  • Sustainable and innovative manufacturing processes
  • 100% recycled lead only
  • 50+ employees that combine traditional skills with an innovative, technology-led approach
  • Target markets: construction, heritage and radiation protection sectors for domestic and export markets
  • 18 training colleges to support future skills and development in construction and roofing
  • Multi-award-winning company, named as one of Derbyshire’s top 200 most successful businesses
  • Affiliated with a number of industry bodies including:

Builders Merchants Federation (BMF)

National House-Building Council (NHBC)

National Federation of Roofing (NFRC)

The Institute of Roofing (IoR)



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Midland Lead Comment: Q3 2020

Lynn Street, Sales & Marketing Manager Midland Lead is BMBI’s Expert for Lead.

Without stating the obvious, the last few months have been globally turbulent and unpredictable. Nobody could have planned for the events that have unfolded over the summer of 2020.

Every day is now a new day in a ‘new normal’ with its own challenges, whether it’s with staffing due to people having to self-isolate, or issues with the supply chain and extended delivery terms.

However, the construction sector stayed open for business, and it will remain open as we move into winter. The construction and roofing sectors have been busy, which opened up opportunities for many, while posing many challenges for others. It could have been a lot worse – we could have dipped into a recession in the summer.

Builders’ merchants are resilient and have proved this by adapting quickly, especially with regards to managing staff shortages, extending opening hours, and taking a fresh look at how they operate by introducing e-commerce and embracing digital technologies.

Looking to the next quarter, we cannot push aside Brexit as that will have an impact on supply of raw materials and recruitment. Unfortunately, it is still difficult for us to have a clear vision. Let’s hope the winter months are politically quiet so Government can focus on delivering a clear roadmap to Brexit. As a sector, it is also difficult to forecast potential price fluctuations due to the uncertainty around import tariffs. We expect that to become clearer as the effects of Brexit settle later in 2021.

I do believe however, that it is crucial that none of us lose sight of the long-term while we are stuck in the here and now. Our ambition for 2021 is that the construction and roofing sector return to steady growth, by investing in sustainable manufacturing practices, bridging the skills shortage and forging ahead with a five-year vision.

Although the business rule book has been re-written many times, my message is to look after your mental health and be realistic. As we approach the end of a very difficult year, don’t forget your long-term plans, although your journey may be different.

Launched in 2015, the award winning monthly Builders Merchant Building Index (BMBI) report is the only reliable measure of repair, maintenance & improvement (RMI) activity in the UK. Filling an important gap, it can be widely used in construction, and by economists, Government, national media, commentators and influencers outside the industry.