New Expert for Roof Windows

Jim Blanthorne

In the BMBI Q2 report we introduced a new Expert for Roof Windows, Jim Blanthorne. Jim was appointed Managing Director of Keylite Roof Windows in September, part of the Keystone… Read more

BMF One Voice – Autumn Column

Builders’ Merchants’ Q2 sales: A tale of resilience and recovery The BMBI results for Quarter 2 show the phenomenal resilience of the sector in action. April, May and June couldn’t… Read more

Builders’ merchant sales bounce back in May

The latest figures from the May Builders Merchant Building Index (BMBI) report reveal a sharp rise in sales as lockdown restrictions ease and trades return to work. Year-on-year, Total Builders… Read more

April sales collapse under COVID-19 lockdown

This month’s BMBI report is unlike any other. The Government enforced COVID-19 lockdown came late in March, so had a limited impact last month. However, April took the full force,… Read more


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