Bostik Comment: Q1 2022

As the cost of living continues to increase, the importance of living a more sustainable lifestyle has never been higher. According to a survey from Rated People, 63% of UK tradespeople are planning to make eco changes in 2022 and as many as 70% are planning to extend their skillset to take on more eco jobs.

With nearly half of homeowners saying they’d be more likely to choose a tradesperson if they were environmentally friendly, there’s a big opportunity for tradespeople increasing their green credentials this year.

From an adhesive and sealants perspective, this means we’re likely to see further increases in demand for products packaged in Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) cartridges or foil ‘sausages’, due to their reduced impact on the environment. The move towards hybrid products, which can both seal and bond, is also likely to continue. Why buy two to three products when one will do the job?

From a training perspective, one key reason why people leave any industry is limited opportunities to progress, so it’s vital for companies to invest in their employees. Even when work is busy, training should still be part of the job. Formal training with recognised qualifications requires significant commitment, however learning new skills at a training centre or with a manufacturer over a day or two enables people to get hands-on with products, and there is often the flexibility to create bespoke sessions.

Despite the continued rise in UK construction output, a number of uncertainties remain, particularly as confidence in supply chains is further unsettled by the war in Ukraine. Occasionally, this is resulting in merchants – and subsequently the end user – having to source alternative products at short notice.
For manufacturers, this means having accurate product data that’s easily accessible has never been more important and why the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) will help the industry reach higher standards.

Going forward, manufacturers need to assess their processes for product data and ensure they have the right systems in place to be able to provide reliable sources of information for everyone, from specifiers down to the end user. As an industry, it’s vital we rise to this challenge.

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