Keylite Roof Windows Comment: Q3 2020

Jim Blanthorne

Jim Blanthorne Managing Director of Keylite Roof Windows is BMBI’s Expert for Roof Windows.

We continue to live in uncertain times. Just as quickly as we adapt to a new normal, so another new normal arrives.

The one constant we can be sure of is change; with the challenges of a second lockdown and Brexit coming down the tracks, it is agility that will set us apart.

At Keylite, we continue to adapt our working practices in line with changing guidance, ensuring our team stays safe while continuing to work effectively for our merchant customers.

Last quarter, we reported encouraging volume growth as our customers emerged from lockdown, the so called V-shaped recovery in full swing. A linear recovery continued into Q3, with volumes by the end of the quarter significantly above expectation.

With a greater proportion of the UK population working from home than ever before, the attention of many has turned to improving our homes to better serve the need for separate spaces for work and family life, be that re-purposing existing rooms to loft conversions and extensions. Roof windows and loft ladders fit these needs well and as we enter Q4 we have enjoyed continuing high demand. We’re not alone; the RMI sector is performing strongly, with merchant customers reporting incredibly strong activity levels.

Meanwhile, government policy stimulated construction activity and the clear direction given to construction activity continuing in the second lockdown was welcome. We remain open for business. Together, we’ll keep Britain building.

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