Midland Lead Comment: Q2 2020

Lynn Street, Sales & Marketing Manager Midland Lead is BMBI’s Expert for Lead.

Challenging, worrying, unprecedented, that’s how many of us will sum up Q2 2020, as it takes its place in the history books. It was clear the road would be uncomfortable, forcing many businesses to innovate and work more closely together to survive, and we’re still navigating new territories. But we leave Q2 in a more positive frame of mind, knowing the construction sector has risen to the many challenges.

Improved communications and sharing new information have become the new normal. Many organisations worked well together to ensure we came through. The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) quickly pulled together advice and resources in a sector roadmap, giving much needed clarity. Recently, the CLC’s task force published a series of toolkits to provide guidance in planning a route through complex, shifting policies. Organisations like this have been a voice of authority and continue to lobby Government on behalf of construction.

Many forward-thinking construction material manufacturers, building contractors and merchants have had to re-evaluate operations quickly to become more lean and agile and move into the next phase of recovery with a positive and sustainable outlook.

For Midland Lead this means focussing on our three core values. (1) Sustainability. As the industry faces a potential shortage of building materials, we continue to reduce waste, conserve energy and natural resources, and minimise environmental impact. This year we were awarded an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our manufactured products. (2) Customer Service, which means continuing to nurture and protect customers who rely on us maintaining our productivity and communications, and meeting demand. (3) Innovation. Investment in digital and IT infrastructure and manufacturing processes is a top priority, providing efficiencies for our team and customers.

Brexit is still on our radar but plans to prepare for it are fogged by uncertainty. We wait to hear announcements on new legislation, keen to understand these policies and what will be in place by January 2021.

Every business has been affected by the global pandemic, but one thing that we have seen throughout the construction sector is resilience. Let’s not talk ourselves into a recession. Let’s work together to make a better future.

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